Japan and China October-November

Still in Tokyo how many visas do I need to comeback to China? at least let’s make it worth it, so I went to see Goyas paintings at the National museum, “que requetebien que pintaba usted Don Francisco!
Kenrokuen garden, KanazawaAnd the genius told me: “paint me a cloud and I will give you a wish”…..

My first square sea food paellaHongu Jinjya Shinto temple NanaoHongu Jinjya Shinto templeAt the Taji’sWith Sachikos parents Mitsue and Toshitaka, they are adorable! Toshikita and uncle Yu-Hei came to pick me up at the airport and took me to they’re home ¬†town Nanao city. How fantastic is to have such a great friends like Sachiko, thank you so much Sachiko!¬†

Second trip to Shanghai… let’s pass te page and move to Tokyo



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